Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Qatar Airways Competition Update - Iranians dumped overboard

You may remember in my last post, I mentioned a competition with Qatar Airways?

100 winners were chosen by the airline. Their prize? A pair of airline tickets each to any of the airline's 100 destinations.

The 'random draw' from thousands and thousands of entries threw up 10 winners from Iran - suprising enough statistically, but even more surprising when Qatar Airways own competition rules (which they clearly didn't read when picking the winners) state that anyone entering from Iran is ineligible. Also ineligible (according to Qatar Airways' rules) was the winner from Sudan and the winner from Syria.

After the results were announced, Qatar Airways Facebook page had almost 400 comments on the competition, the vast majority of them negative.

Now like a thief in the night, Qatar Airways has printed a new list of 100 winners, dumping all 10 Iranians and the winner from Sudan and Syria overboard. No explanation. No apologies.

Also gone from the original list of winners are G Zahra from Canada and O Steph from Saudi Arabia for reasons which are unexplained. So 16 of the original 100 winners have been dumped. One wonders has Qatar Airways been in touch with the luckless 16 to tell them the good news and the bad news?

And one further word of caution if you happen to be one of the 100 lucky ones on the new list, don't count your chickens just yet!

A sharp sounding note from the airline at the bottom of the new list of 100 reads:

"This list is unofficial. The above unofficial winners are being screened to ensure full adherence to Contest Terms & Conditions. This page will be periodically updated as we obtain a release from validated winners."

Screened? Full Adherence? Release Forms?

At this stage it'd probably easier getting out of North Korea than getting your mits on the airline tickets.

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